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Sailesh Naidu is a writer and performance artist based in Berlin, Germany. His writing and performance work seeks to deconstruct our notions of gender and territorial boundaries as well as invoke and empathic exchange with his audience to contemplate their own inward reflection of how their past, present and future mold who they are.


A Poem a day for 30 days

A Poem A Day For 30 Days began as artistic project to see how poetry transformed through mediums and viewers. Each poem was hand written, then typed on a typewriter, photographed, edited, and lastly placed on social media to be shared. This was a personal and social exploration to how poetry could take different forms and means as it evolved from pen ink, to type ink, and eventually digital.


Spoken word/Comedy

Sailesh has performed their comedy and poetry around the world including the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC, the Brooklyn Queer Comedy Festival, The Village Studio in Goa, India, and has headlined at the largest comedy show in Berlin, ISSA Comedy Show.

This Moment is poetry

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