Empathy is at the heart of service.

Areas of Expertise

Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning various from culture to context. I have worked with social emotional learning standards and methodology in various regions around the world adapting them to the contexts and environments they are suitable for. I am versed in CASEL and EASEL methodologies and aware of how to adjust them to varying cultural contexts.

educational content creation

I began my career as a high school teacher in the Bronx, NYC. It is there I learned the value of designing educational content that is not only highly engaging but also allows the learner to explore rather than just learn. I have designed educational content for adult, children, youth, as well as online learning modules. Learning should be interactive and fun, this is at the core of what I create.

Gender/Sexuality TECHNICAL Expert

I have spent the last ten years working with gender and sexual minorities all over the world. This includes under-represented groups such as adolescent girls, LGBTQI identities and sex workers. I have a comprehensive understanding of how to create safe spaces for these groups, develop listening strategies to understand their needs, and then develop the needed interventions to provide programming.

Strategic planning

Planning for your organization’s future can be hard and difficult to hear where you really want to go through all the noise. A good strategy requires listening to all your stakeholders to plan the right way forward. There is a power in deep listening and an outside perspective. Through a comprehensive approach of interviewing all key stakeholders, data aggregation of relevant inputs, and facilitated co-creation session I can guide your organization to a plan for it’s future.


Working with organizations like the Nike Foundation and I have used the Human-Centered Design approach to develop various products, programs, proposals, and co-created solutions. In investigating the driving factors of challenges and listening to all stakeholders I seek to help organizations design and innovate around their existing infrastructure to come up solutions for challenges they may be facing.

Children/Youth Technical Expert

Understanding the challenges children and youth phase in a world that is rapidly changing require empathy and understanding. I have worked with children and youth from all over the world from various backgrounds for over ten years. I bring a strong expertise on how to design and implement programs that are based in listening to their needs, implementing a model, and rapidly adapting it’s design to change to their needs.

BUSINESS Development/grant writing/reporting

Grant writing requires not only a skilled writer but someone who can understand the full potential of what your organization can do. I have over a decades experience working on grants for private, public, and international stakeholders. Including USAID, DFID, EU, and various small, medium, and large scale foundations. My grant writing process involves not only understanding the scope of the proposal but also understanding how your organization can maximize it’s impact within the parameters of the grant process. Lastly, grant writing and reporting needs to tell the story of your organization and it’s journey, as storyteller I can help your organization bring that journey to life.

facilitation/training/workshop design

As a former teacher I always sought to create a dynamic and engaging classroom environment. I bring thing spirit to the workshops/trainings I design and facilitate. People learn best when they are having fun which I way I looking at training and facilitation as a game to keep the participants engaged and present.

Migrant/Refugee Technical Expert

In today’s climate understanding the push and pull factors for migrants is critical in designing comprehensive and sustainable programming for them. Additionally, knowing the long term needs migrants have when they enter a new society is also important. I have worked with migrants at various in different stages of their migrant pathway from pre-flight, transit, and pos-flight contexts.